Terms of Service

Smaller items, such as gates and saloon doors, that are shipped domestically are sent via Ground or Home Delivery. Depending on the destination, the transit time can take between 1 and 7 business days.

Please be sure the shipping address provided on the invoice is the correct destination address. Rustic Luxe Designs is not responsible for reconsignment charges and you will not be refunded for your purchased items if they do not arrive. However, we will help in any way possible in contacting the shipping companies to reach out to you and have this promptly corrected.

We strive to ship out all custom items within 6 weeks of your order. We package each product carefully and securely to ensure no damages occur. We also work very closely with our shipping carriers with confidence that your packages are handled with the best of care.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Unfinished doors do not have a warranty against warping because of changes in climate that can allow the door to absorb moisture during transit. Incorrect finishing or improper hardware installation of a door can also cause warping which is why we highly encourage our customers to allow us to finish and ship their doors sealed.

Rustic Luxe Designs LLC always recommends professional installation.

All designs created by Rustic Luxe Designs LLC are copyright Rustic Luxe Designs LLC. Any duplication, reproduction, distribution, sale or use of copyrighted works created by Kristan Haddad and Rustic Luxe Designs LLC without expressed written consent will be subject to prosecution.

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